About Us

Our Story

Launched in 2019, Yogasity is a women's apparel, small business (boutique) store founded by Monica Carrizo.  As an Argentine women living in the USA, Monica has always been fashion forward and set out to develop a fashion forward, international women's boutique. 

From the trendiest pieces to future trend setters, Yogasity brings together Monica's vision of affordable comfort.  

Our Mission

At Yogasity our goal is to sell worldwide fashion in one easy-to-find store. Yogasity started with leggings and custom shirts and has morphed into selling bikinis, dresses, sports bras, lingerie and more.  

Yogasity empowers women with the ability to find the clothes they want, at the prices they want, with the peace of mind of knowing they will always have free shipping, and worry free returns.  Yogasity's mission is women empowerment with happy and proud customers. 

Our Vision

Yogasity's goal is to sell the fashion they love, at prices you love. Yogasity always offers free shipping and always set prices as low as possible.  
Yogasity believes women are the past, present and future.  All women, of all shapes and colors, deserve to shop online knowing the company they choose will take care of them at every step of the buying process. 

Our Values

"We won't survive if we don't have happy customers, and that's all we want." - Monica Carrizo- Yogasity Founder
Made for women by a women, our clothes should always help women feel their best, even in a world of uncertainty and chaos.  Clothes should be an escape, and a comfort and that is what we will always strive to offer.
Yogasity will always welcome people of all backgrounds, ages, financial statuses, sexual orientation and sexual identity, without preconceived ideas, prejudice or judgement


Thank you for being part of Yogasity, please reach out to us on Instagram @yogasity or Facebook. #yogasity
We would love to do what we can to make you happy customers.